I missed writing yesterday.

Between catching up on some work projects, church, a visit with J, and Sirius leading me on a merry chase around town last night, I just didn’t have time to blog.

It happens.

I had a productive enough day yesterday that I can’t beat myself up for not getting the blog post up, even though it would have been nice to hit a 21-day streak. I think that’s my best ever.

I didn’t end up working out yesterday either, however even missing the workout and step count yesterday hit over 100,000 steps for the week, which is also best ever.

I’ve had a lot to celebrate over the last while.

I’ve been making my mental and physical health a priority. My waistline is trimming up, and my weight is slowly starting to drop.

Things are going great with work as well.

I’m feeling recharged after this weekend. By the end of last week I was tired. It was a busy week and I needed to pull back a bit and recover.

Today is likely going to be pretty light again, as I’m headed for Red Deer for an appointment with M, followed b y some running of errands. I’m hoping I can find time to get a workout in today, but if not it’s definitely my plan for tomorrow.

Thanks for following along.


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