Movie Review; Spider Man: Far From Home (Potential Spoilers for Avengers Endgame and Spider Man)

The latest version of the web slinger has swung his way into theatres once again, this time in Spider Man: Far From Home.

Where Dark Phoenix did pretty much everything the wrong way and suffered from it not knowing quite the type of movie it wanted to be, the latest Spider Man movie is everything we’ve come to expect from a Marvel Studios movie.

Far From Home picks up the story some time after Avengers:End Game. Young Peter Parker has returned to high-school and is trying to be a normal teenager while he grieves the loss of Tony Stark.

Deciding he needs some downtime, he plans on going to Europe for his high school trip as himself, leaving his Spider Man suit at home. He is not in Europe long before he gets dragged into a threat facing the world by none other than Nick Fury.

Peter Parker faces off against a monster with the aid of Mysterio, a warrior from an alternate earth. They succeed in destroying the monster, and Parker returns to his class trip, however not everything is as it appears, and the real enemy begins to reveal itself.

The humour was right on point, and the set-pieces were awesome as the web-head traveled from Venice, to Prague, to Berlin, and finally to London. The theme of Far from Home was growth as Parker becomes more confident in his own skin and more accepting of his role as a hero.

Marvel Studios is known for their end-credit scenes through their movies, and the end-credit scenes in Spider Man:Far From Home are important, and could provide clues with where Marvel is taking the series as it enters Phase 4.

All in all, Spider Man: Far From Home was a fun ride in a well established universe, and with the mind blowing visual effects the movie is definitely worth seeing on the silver screen, especially of you are a fan of the genre.

My rating for the latest entry of the MCU is 4.5/5


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