Newton’s law, staying in motion, and staying accountable.

Yesterday was a record breaking day for me.

It was the first day that I logged over 20,000 steps. By the end of the day I definitely felt every step.

I was tired.

As tired as I was those, I felt accomplished too.

I didn’t set out to try to break the record yesterday, it just kind of happened. I’ve been pushing myself more, and the more I have pushed myself the easier it’s been to move.

Ultimately, it comes down to physics.

Newton’s first law of motion states;

“Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it.”

Another way of looking at this law of physics is;

“An object at rest will stay at rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion.”

Basically what it comes down to is this, the more you move, the easier it will be to move. The more flexible your joints will become, and the less energy it will take being active.

If you don’t move, your joints will stiffen up, and the harder it will be to move.

Making it a habit to move everyday has definitely helped me out mentally and physically. When I first started doing my mile on the treadmill, I would hit the 1/3 of mile point and start thinking that “oh my God, I have so much further to go.”

Today I’m at the point where I hit the 1/3 of a mile mark and think “great, now I’m warmed up I can step it up a notch.”

Bumping my workouts up to three miles a day, they are still a chore. I hit the the mile and a half point and ask myself why I am doing this to myself. It’s a chore to make my treadmill time a priority.

I do it anyway. I stay in motion. I push myself, and I feel so much better for it. I don’t give in to the voice that tells me that half way is good enough.

There is something else I have learned through this journey. Simply put, I need this change to stick, and in order for it to do that I need to make lifestyle changes. They don’t have to be big, but I need to give myself the most traction for forward progress.

I need to make my health a priority, mental and physical. I need to move out of my comfort zone, and get uncomfortable. I need to push some limits, and blow others out of the water. I need to be accountable to myself when I don’t push myself.

I know that storms happen. I know that the my emotions are volatile as hell. Last week was tough. My mental health was kicking my ass. This week I’m bouncing back and kicking my mental health’s ass.

I need to be determined to see these changes through. I need to be determined to armour my mental health. I need to be determined to keep moving.

So far, I’m on that path.


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