Being uncommon among the common

“Be uncommon among the common people.” -David Goggins.

The quote above came up while I was watching a video during my workout this morning.

It’s a powerful statement.

All through life we are taught to go along to get along. We are taught not to stand out. Com bine that with society’s propensity to find the easy way, the least stressful way, the most comfortable way, and where are we left?

In mediocrity.

We all have our battles. We all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses. I’ve said before that as people we need to play to our strengths to set ourselves up for success. We can’t neglect our weaknesses though, and that is something I am starting to learn.

I’m 40, with mental health issues and a lot of excessive weight. My strengths have been in dealing with mental health issues. I’ve been in therapy for years, I get in front of things when the problems are starting to develop.

My weakness has been my physical health.

I was a lazy kid.

I had periods where I would workout but I was always content finding my way back to the easy way, choosing to play video games over getting sweaty. It’s only really been since March where I’ve been channeling my focus onto my weaknesses.

The reason being for the change is tearing my rotator cuff at the end of last year. I just didn’t have the muscle to stabilize my joints. I went for the ultrasound and cortisone shot, and then did research, one of my strengths.

The research told me that for the light tear I had working it and rehab were what I needed to do. I was subsequently referred to the weight management clinic, and I began the journey of getting my mind and body onto the same page.

when I started this physical recovery back inMarch, I was working out for half an hour three days a week.

Since then my workouts have grown to at least an hour a day three days a week, and ninety minutes every other day.

It has been a slow process but the weight is coming off. can see it in my shoulders and in my face.

The fitness regime has the added benefit of helping my mental health as well.

I’m calmer. My moods, still erratic, don’t swing quite as much. I bounce back faster. I feel happier.

Physically, my sugars have been more stable and my blood pressure is coming down as well.

It’s been subtle changes I’ve made. I’m going against the grain of life. I’m no longer seeking the easy way most of the time.

I’m seeking out the challenges that life has to offer. I’m pushing myself physically so that I can be stronger mentally.

I’m pushing myself in a way that is uncommon among the common, and I’m feeling the benefits of it.


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