Despite the moods being up and down, today has been ok.

I ended up hitting the treadmill today, and ended up fast walking 3 miles while watching a podcast on Youtube. The three miles took me just over an hour to complete, and allowed me to physically work through some of my stress. The three miles is a record for me.

I’m glad Lynn nudged me to go down and workout because I really wasn’t feeling it.

Afterwards I worked in the office for a bit.

I picked up a “Creative Writing for Dummies” book a few weeks ago, and I’ve been reading through it while using some of the exercises to flash out the character and story for my ongoing project.

My plan is to make a significant dent in the project during NaNoWrimo this fall. I’m loving the writing, and the resources are helping me better guide myself through the process.

I’m still nervous as fuck about starting school this fall.

I’m nervous, but also looking forward to it. I don’t think I have looked forward to something this significant in a long time. Besides, Like H said in my appointment the other day, throwing school into the mix, as daunting as it feels right now, it will give me one more thing to focus on, leaving me less time and energy to ruminate on the mental health concerns.

I’m glad I’m starting to bounce back a bit and think with a little more logic and little less emotion. I hate these ups and downs, but I’m getting better able to tolerate them.

Otherwise this evening has been pretty quiet.

We ordered pizza from the Goose for supper, and watched a few episodes of Law & Order SVU, then I did some photography review.

I’m tired, but more or less content.

I hit my step count today, I got a workout in, and managed to gather my concentration enough to do some things that were productive.

The beginning of the week is setting up to be slow, but steady, with contractors coming in to do some work on a couple of long overdue projects, I have to get in touch with Maytag and find out when the repair guy is going to come look at our washer.

Tuesday is a movie night, going to go see Dark Phoenix.

Lynn’s birthday on Wednesday, then weather permitting the Castor Rodeo will be going Thursday and Friday this week, followed by the Battle River Ride for STARS on Saturday. Those are events I’m definitely looking forward to.

Yeah, my moods have been up and down over the last few days, but processing the evidence in front of me, I think I’m doing pretty good. Thanks for following along.


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