Breaking Away

I'm almost feeling guilty, but I'm breaking away for a few days. I'm heading down to Calgary to re-connect with some friends and get away and clear my mind. The reason I'm almost feeling guilty is because I'm leaving Lynn at home on her own with the dogs, during GISH no less. It's what I … Continue reading Breaking Away

Nothing ventured…

I have had something in the works for a bit, and I can let people know. Kevin J Sabo Photography is off the ground, and I have had my first client. The first shoot definitely had a steep learning curve, but in the end I believe the client was happy, and it was great experience. … Continue reading Nothing ventured…

We are the sum of our parts.

I can be very all or nothing. I've been that way with many things in my life. Work. Relationships. Fitness. The biggest problem I had would be having the motivation for any of the above fall away after a short time. For instance, with the fitness, I would set lofty and in hindsight often unobtainable … Continue reading We are the sum of our parts.

Flash fiction:Going Home

Photo by Lina Kivaka on His alarm pierced the darkness of the early morning. For Mason James the early mornings were part of a new normal since he started working for the ambulance. With his shift starting at seven, and a 90 minute commute to the small community he worked in, five in the … Continue reading Flash fiction:Going Home


A tool is a "device or implement, especially one in the hand, that is used to carry our a particular function." We use tools every day. Computers can be tools, wrenches are tools, obviously. A camera is a tool used for taking pictures. Living with mental illness requires the use of different types of tools … Continue reading TOOLS

My emotional spectrum

I don't experience emotion the way most people do. As someone who lives with Borderline Personality Disorder, a serious and often very stigmatized illness, my emotional thermostat is permanently unsettled, and the range of emotions I feel is a lot broader than most. I feel highs and lows at the extremes, without much middle ground. … Continue reading My emotional spectrum

Photography update

Well, today has not been a great day. I've been dragging ass all day. Tired. Grumpy. It's definitely a good indication that I've been pushing it hard, Maybe too hard. It is what it is though, and Lynn is on her way home, so having her close again will definitely help, and plans are underway … Continue reading Photography update