Embrace the suck.

Yesterday was a busy day.

I ended up covering at the store for Lynn for part of the day, then J came in and closed for me. I got the lawn cut, and got some work done as well. By the time I factored in the lawn and workout and everything I got done yesterday, I logged 19.5 thousand steps yesterday according to my Fitbit.

That is a new daily record for me.

Unfortunately I’m feeling it today.

I was up before my alarm, but I have been dragging ass since I got up. I even cut my walk with the dogs short. On the bright side, my right leg isn’t bugging me as much as it was this morning,. I spoke with the kinesiologist yesterday and she figures it is like a sprain or strain in my right hamstring, and had me back off one of my exercises until I see her again later in July.

Today will be more or less a recovery day as far as my fitness regime goes. I’ll likely do a light workout this afternoon, and I am aiming for my 10,000 steps today at least though if I perk up and manage more, I won’t argue.

Reasonably light day today. I’m heading up to the ball diamonds to take photos of the U14 tournament, and doing a dump run with recycling for Lynn for the store. Other than that, we are heading up to Alliance for supper tonight.

Church tomorrow, then covering the events in Alliance for their Canada Day festivities on Monday.

I can’t believe we are approaching Canada already. This year has managed to both drag and fly by at the same time. So far this year has definitely been met with its challenges. Brenda dying in February, my subsequent hospital admission, and the hectic nature of work, both covering at the store and for the paper.

Looking at all the data though, as crappy as the first six months of this year have been it’s impossible to not see the gains. I’m trimming down weight wise, slowly but surely, and my fitness level is improving thanks to my commitment to my fitness regime.

Yes, the first half of 2019 has sucked ass, but the back half can’t help but be better, right?

The motivational beast known as David Goggins has a philosophy of embracing the suck, because embracing it and getting used to it now will help callus your mind for when bad things happen in your life. I have to admit myself that he makes a valid argument.

I’ve listened to several of his motivational videos in recent days, and I can’t help but admire him.

Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL who now works as a motivational speaker. His story is incredible. He joined the military and applied to the US military’s elite pararescue program, where he dropped out after taking an injury.

He left the military, and ballooned up to nearly 300 lbs in a year and a half. Something in him shifted though, and he managed to drop the wait, and re-enter the military under a program they had for former members. He applied for SEAL training, and finally earned his trident on his third attempt. During the rest of his career he also earned his Air Force combat control badge and his Army Ranger tab, two other prestigious programs, becoming the first US military member to do so.

His story is inspiring for me, and it’s been helping me make some changes in my own life.

These are three of the most impactful videos I have found lately. The second one is not a David Goggins video, but it is what plays through my mind when I am trying to get my ass out of bed in the morning and the body isn’t wanting to.

Motivational videos won’t work for everybody.

They don’t always work for me, but they definitely help me push myself and make myself better. They will help me stabilize myself and build me up to the point where I can better ride the storms of my mind. I know they will come again, but through vigilance and building myself up I will have a better base within which to stand upon.

As for today, am I going to hit 19.5 steps again?

Doubtful, that was a record.

Does that mean I’m not going to try for as many as I can?

Nope. I’m allowing myself the benefit of a recovery day, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to push it.


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