Worth it.

I’m going to take a break from continuing my story for a few days.

It’s been cathartic talking about the calls and the steps since, however it’s also been quite draining so it’s time to take a break.

Things have been going pretty good for me lately.

Things with Lynn and I are going good, her mom is here visiting, and I’ve been busy with my work.

Even kicking over the hornets nest of my past has not thrown me off too badly.

Something that is different for me is I’ve been renewing my focus on motivational videos. In my search on youtube I’ve come across an ex-Navy SEAL by the name of David Goggins, and listening to him is definitely keeping me motivated. He’s worth a listen if you get a chance.

My fitness program has been continuing, though I have pulled back a little bit. I’ve started averaging a mile and a half a day on the treadmill, but I haven’t been doing my full body weight routine as I think I pulled a muscle in my leg.

The exercise hasn’t been an issue but the squats and other lower body exercise have been very uncomfortable. Instead of the weight routine I’ve been doing my treadmill routine followed by a stretching routine, which seems to be helping ease the discomfort. I’m hoping to get in and see the kinesiologist tomorrow for a chat, but if I’m unable I will like continue the treadmill and stretching until next week, then start bringing the weights back into it.

The easing off and listening to my body is something new.

I’ve always been all or nothing, and it’s only in the recent last couple of years that I have been starting to find a happy medium with things. It’s also a recent thing where I have been pushing myself to get out of bed. I’ve been pushing myself to get my workouts in, even when they’ve sucked and I haven’t wanted to.

I’m feeling better for it. my moods have levelled out. I’ve got more energy, and I’m hungry to keep making gains. It’s work.

It’s worth it.


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