Building endurance

Today has been a somewhat peaceful day.

I spent a chunk of the day playing Tomb Raider, and cleaning up the house for a surprise visitor. Lynn’s mom is on her way back out. for a few days.

I was supposed to be taking pictures at the Castor Rodeo, however due to weather it’s been bumped a few weeks. On one hand I can’t complain too much, because we have desperately needed the rain in this area. On the other, with the rain we’ve been getting, things have been starting to remind me of growing up in British Columbia.

I’m still having trouble losing weight, but I am noticing that my workout regime is paying off. Yesterday I did my treadmill sprint and strength training, and for the first time in a long time I was able to break 20 minutes to a mile. When I started getting myself back into shape 6 months ago, I was pushing 26 minutes to a mile. That is a significant drop in time and increase of pace.

Today I did an endurance walk on the treadmill and was still able to maintain a 21-minute mile pace. I did just about the entire 2.25 miles at that pace. Again, a significant improvement.

Yeah, the trouble dropping weight is bothering me, but the improvements I’m seeing are helping make up for it. At the moment I’m living in the hope that the fat is being replaced by muscle. I’ll know for sure when I see the weight loss clinic in a couple weeks and get put on their InBody machine, that measures body mass, and conductivity, effectively figuring out cellular water and muscle mass. In other words it’s a very high-tech scale.

Until then, it’s a matter of keeping doing what I’m doing. I know I’m feeling better for it. The new dynamic with Lynn is helping out immensely too. We’re communicating better, and things just feel like they’ve shifted. I know I’m a hell of a lot more optimistic about things than I was a few days ago. I hate that it came down to a fight, but we’re moving past it.

Not much going on for the weekend now that the rodeo is canceled, so it will be good to spend time with Lynn and her mom. I’ll probably check out some of the garage sales going on in town as well this weekend.

Things feel like they are going good at the moment. I just hope I can keep the momentum going without self sabotaging things.


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