Visiting history

Yesterday was a busy but fun day.

I ended up covering in the store yesterday morning while Lynn was at the church, then for the afternoon, I went into the back country with J and the dogs to find things to take pictures of.

My goal for the afternoon was to go out and shoot the pillars. The pillars are left over railway structures from when rail ran through the county. I’m not sure the history of these pillars but they are either from a railway that was never completed, or that were left once the railway was removed.

Either way, they are quite the sight.

I definitely appreciate the land owner allowing me to go onto the property and getting theses shots.

J and I ended up doing a loop from Castor, up to the Bulwark area, then to Brownfield, around to Forestberg, Halkirk, and home. All told we were gone for the afternoon. Lynn and I ended up joining J for supper as well.

All in all, it was a good day with good company, even if I was grumpy at having to work the store.

Today, I’m back at the grind, with an appointment at 11:15, then covering an event, then covering in the store until close, as well as getting some writing done. Tomorrow will be cutting the lawn and covering an event tomorrow afternoon.

I’m enjoying how busy I have been, but definitely am wishing I had gotten away this week. Oh well, it’ll happen another time.


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