Getting my hands dirty

Yesterday, I did something abnormal.

Wanting to get moving a bit and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we were having, I actually went out to do some weeding in the garden.

I’m not a gardener. Never have been. It’s definitely not in my top 10 list of most pleasurable activities. Truth be told, a lot of the time I really struggle between singling out the plants vs. the weeds.

All that being said, It felt good getting outside and getting my hands in the dirt. I managed to get mainly the weeds though the plants did take a couple of casualties, and I have to say it looked a hell of a lot better when I was done.

It was positive being able to look back and see what I accomplished in the hour I was outside.

How does this tie in to my mental health?

When I am on an upswing and functional, I withdraw less. I’m more willing to get my hands dirty and do work like this, and be happy with the results.

Did I do a perfect job?

Not hardly, but then again, as I stated to open this blog, I’m not a gardener. But, I am pleased with how it turned out though, and it’s one less thing that Lynn has to worry about as well.

Dealing with the ghosts that I do, I have to look for the wins where I can find them. I have to look at my accomplishments, no matter how small, as a barometer of my mental health. When I start withdrawing, when I start losing the drive to go out of my comfort zone, that is when I know I am starting to backslide.

The fact that I was able to push my boundaries, and be happy with a less than perfect job, tell me where My mental health is really sitting at the moment.


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