“Who Dares Wins”

This is an older post that I started but abandoned before publishing. I finished it today. Today, I find myself in a contemplative mood. I'm contemplating the British Special Air Service motto, "Who dares wins." In a way this motto parallels my life dealing with mental illness. I get stressed easily. I bite off more … Continue reading “Who Dares Wins”

Embrace the suck.

Yesterday was a busy day. I ended up covering at the store for Lynn for part of the day, then J came in and closed for me. I got the lawn cut, and got some work done as well. By the time I factored in the lawn and workout and everything I got done yesterday, … Continue reading Embrace the suck.

Movie review: Men in Black International (No spoilers)

I had the opportunity to check out the new Men In Black International movie on June 27. For fans of the series, it was a good entry back into the world started by the original Men in Black back in 1997 with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. For newcomers to the series, this movie … Continue reading Movie review: Men in Black International (No spoilers)

Worth it.

I'm going to take a break from continuing my story for a few days. It's been cathartic talking about the calls and the steps since, however it's also been quite draining so it's time to take a break. Things have been going pretty good for me lately. Things with Lynn and I are going good, … Continue reading Worth it.

Content Warning; My story next steps and suicide attempt

After I left the ambulance in the fall of 2013, I was in a tailspin. I ended up in hospital for two separate admissions approaching six weeks in length, under the same doctor, who was also my treating doctor in the community. Through this point he still refused to give me a diagnosis of Post … Continue reading Content Warning; My story next steps and suicide attempt

Content Warning: Hitting bottom…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com The late-night calls were starting to get to me.  We were toned out for a call in the early hours of the morning for an unconscious unresponsive male. We dressed quickly and headed to the ambulance, and we responded with lights and siren.  We followed the directions into the rural … Continue reading Content Warning: Hitting bottom…

Content Warning: MVC, Suicide, now a homicide..

It was another late-night call.  We were responding to a rural property a little way out of town where there was a man down. We were told to stage a couple miles from the property while the R.C.M.P. secured the scene. Seeing as we had gotten chewed out a few weeks prior for not waiting … Continue reading Content Warning: MVC, Suicide, now a homicide..