Another piece towards “normal.”

I’m trying to figure out how today was so busy yet restful.

I drove into Stettler today, and got an oil change, prescriptions, and a few things from Walmart, then stopped and picked up the dogs from the kennel on my way home.

All three of the critters were happy to be making their way home after their holiday. Of course Taffy was being squirrelly and refused to sit still long enough to get her picture taken.

This afternoon I did some work, finished off L.A. Noire, and had B over supper. We had a good visit, even though he actually beat me at NHL 17 for a change. After the game he joined me for a walk with the critters, and a bit more NHL.

Mom’s procedure went well, even though it sounds like less was done than was supposed to. Apparantly one of the veins they were supposed to work on corrected itself. Oh well, less work means less impact, less impact less chance of anything happening related to the recovery, so I won’t complain. I have to admit though, I was concerned, especially in light of what happened with Brenda’s low-risk surgery.

Tomorrow I’m in the store and then taking pictures at the grad event tomorrow night for the paper. Then more pictures and back in the store on Saturday.

At least I can’t say that I’m bored. I’m just hoping and praying that the sale goes good for Lynn and her mom this weekend.


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