A thank you to Spiral Mobility.

I went into Stettler yesterday to pick up a phone case for my new Samsung S9 phone.

The place I got the case is not someplace I have dealt with before, but with the customer service I experienced, I will definitely be back.

When I was trying to find the case for the phone, I called several different cell phone dealers, and 2 did not have the case I was looking for, and one just did not have it in stock, but was on order. I knew the case I wanted. The 2 places that did not carry the case attempted to upsell me to a different case, but they could order it if I really wanted.

Spiral mobility did show me the case that the other 2 business tried to sell me, however it was not a type I was interested in, so they said they would call when the one I wanted came in. I went in yesterday to pick it up. The owner was working the front counter, and he grabbed the case that was put aside for me, when I realised it had no screen protector as part of the case anymore due to the curved screen of the new phone, he grabbed a screen protector off the shelf (a $40 value, at my request). He put the screen protector on, but said that due to the rigidity of the screen protector they didn’t fir the phones quite right, and since he was unhappy with the way it went on (There was a couple of small bubbles trapped under the glass, that did not interfere with touch screen operations and have since resolved themselves), he would throw it in at no charge, AND call me if he manages to find any better screen covers that he can bring in. He then finished putting the case on the phone.

I need to say the bubbles did not bug me nor did I not ask him to throw the screen protector in. Because HE was unhappy with the way it went on, he threw it in, freeing up some cash for me to pick up a decent spare quick charge cord for the car ($15/value).

All in all, case/screen protector/cord ended up costing me under $90, when I was expecting to pay up to $130.

From my first phone call to Spiral Mobility where I was looking for the case to getting it picked up, the customer service at Spiral Mobility was above and beyond, and they will definitely be seeing future business from me.

In a day and age where customer service is a sometimes hit or miss thing, it is great to see locally run small businesses looking after their clients with exceptional service. They are definitely a model for customer service done right.


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