Quiet time.

Fairly quiet day at home today.

I’m more or less caught up on my work projects, for a switch. I was able to get a hunk of work done yesterday while I was covering the store for Lynn. I’m covering the store tomorrow as well, then taking part/covering a health and wellness Symposium in town on Friday.

I’m enjoying the down time while I can get it, I know it comes sporadically enough. I was looking at taking a run in to Stettler but I still haven’t received word on the cell-phone case, so I guess I’ll hold off for another couple of days. I’d rather make one trip than multiples.

This morning I slept in a bit, played some PS4, took Taffy and Rolo for a walk, then went to prayer meeting, for the first time in awhile. With some comments that were made by one of the other church members, I was really questioning why I had gone.

I know he’s an elderly gentleman and set in his ways, but the comments he made were way off base and still haven’t sit well with me. I’m definitely going to brining it up with my pastor when we talk again.

After prayer meeting, I had lunch with a friend, then ran some errands before coming home and playing some more RDR2 and generally giving myself permission to relax for a few hours.

Tonight is our town wide cleanup, and I’m planning on attending to take some photos for the paper.


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