Today was busy.

I was running sound at church this morning, then after church we did our usual lunch thing with people from church. After lunch we took a drive out to Halkirk to poke around the Snackshack, then home.

After we got home I started my new workout from the Kinesiologist I saw on Friday. I have a feeling I’m going to be sore in places I didn’t know existed in the morning. Overall it was good and not strenuous. But I think it will be awesome to build up my shoulder strength again.

After my workout, I did some actually work, had a light supper, then off to watch our friend Jim and his family perform music at the local seniors lodge. It was a good evening where everyone had fun, and it was very well attended. I think I got some ok pictures, but I’m not even looking until tomorrow.

This evening it was walking the dogs, a bit of Red Dead 2 to unwind, and then heading to bed imminently. Tomorrow stands to be a fairly light day, which is good because it will give me the opportunity to play a bit of catch-up.


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