Paying off.

My hard work is paying off.

I had an appointment with a nurse in my clinic who specializes in weight management. According to her machine, since I saw her last in the beginning of March, I am down 6 lbs, but have lost 12lbs of fat and gained 6lbs of lean muscle mass.

Considering the last couple of months have definitely been rough, with a hospital admission and my injured ankle, I’d say I am definitely on the right path.

The ankle is definitely doing better. It’s still tender if I over do it, but everyday it’s hurting a little less and I’m walking on it a little better. I see a kinesiologist tomorrow to help put together a workout plan to rebuild the ankle strength and get myself back onto track with my workouts.

I have to say that the appointment today gave my spirits a lift. With how busy I’ve been lately, I’ve been getting tired. Tired but not overwhelmed. Taking the days off to recollect myself have definitely been helping me keep perspective on things.

Other than my appointment this morning, I spent some time playing Red Dead 2. I’ve decided to go through it again and try to find all the nooks and crannies that I missed on my first pay through. This afternoon was a Stettler run to pick up some meds and to go shoe shopping since my old runners were on their last legs.

I managed to find a decent pair of runners that ended up ringing through as on sale. Bonus.

This evening is watching tv with a sick Lynn and continuing to unwind on my day off.


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