I got triggered today, and survived.

Tonight, I feel mentally and physically spent. It's definitely a far cry from how I was feel 24 hours ago. It's not that today was a bad day. It was just tiring. Lynn, her mom, and I were up early this morning, because we had signed up for a greenhouse and antique tour through our … Continue reading I got triggered today, and survived.

Moving in the right direction.

Speaking with my therapist in Stettler today, he said that there is no comparison between where I started and where I am now. Despite my struggles in recent days, I am inclined to agree with him. I'm feeling more confident on a daily basis. I'm getting busier, but not getting overwhelmed. I'm learning to stay … Continue reading Moving in the right direction.

Working hard

Today has been quiet in the store, but it's given me opportunity to catch up on some writing. I managed to get a couple of articles written from a meeting earlier in the week, as well as making some come calls and arrangements about other projects I'm working on. I'm definitely feeling better than I … Continue reading Working hard

Little decisions.

I was up and moving by quarter after seven this morning. Considering how much I've been struggling to get up before nine the last few days because of fatigue, 7:15 was an accomplishment. It's not that I didn't want to stay in bed. I did. I however did have things I wanted to get done … Continue reading Little decisions.

The animals definitely know how to try my patience…

The animals are lucky they are cute, because I was ready to wring three of their necks last night. They were all being obnoxious turds as well, except for Taffy. She slept. Between Sirius barking his fool head off, Rolo attempting to push me off the bed, and Willow turning my CPAP machine off multiple … Continue reading The animals definitely know how to try my patience…

How anxiety changes my style of play.

Considering how rough the last few months have been, I'm amazed that mentally I'm maintaining as well as I am. I've slowly been getting back into my workout regime, and things have slowly been leveling out. My anxiety has been peaked though, and I'm not sure why. My chest has been tight, I've been jumpy, … Continue reading How anxiety changes my style of play.