Good news, the ankle is feeling somewhat better. Bad news, weather has gone to crap. Oh well, I can handle a bit of wet weather. At least I can walk without pain.

That said, I’m thinking that I may be able to get back into my workout routine in another 24 hours. I will be happy, because this sitting on my ass laid up is for the birds.

Nothing puts into perspective how fragile one’s health can be until something happens that you become physically injured. I’m just glad it was a light sprain and nothing more serious. The timing could have been better though…

Today has been busy. I got a few more stories done while working at the bookstore, and made arrangements to do a couple of interviews for a couple more.

When I saw H in Stettler a few weeks back, he told me to review my calendar, and that if things look insane, they are. Well, I looked at my schedule this morning, and things are getting kind of nuts again. That’s why this evening, tomorrow, and Thursday are marked in the calendar as days off. I need the downtime, and I need to force myself to take it if I want to remain healthy.

It’s about finding balance. I know if I push myself too hard I am setting myself up for burnout. Like Dr. O said, working at a .5 FTE level is reasonable. So is taking on a bit of extra stress through school as long as I back off elsewhere.

As frustrating as it is, it is what I have to do.


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