Beginning a new journey…

To say the least, I’m nervous.

I registered for my first course in the Bachelor of Arts English degree program through Augustana University yesterday.

The program I selected is a four year degree program done through distance learning and I will be starting it September 1.

Being realistic though, I know there is slim to no probability of me conducting the full program in the four years, but with the program being distance learning, they have no timelines on completing the degree. My goal is to work through the program one or two programs at a time until I finish. If it takes me four years, great. If it takes me 10, oh well, I’m still working towards some goals.

After how chaotic and hectic my life has been over the last few years it’s nice to have some long term goals again. It’s nice to have a direction instead of being adrift, at the mercy of time and tide.

The program could definitely help my writing career down the road. It will also be a self challenge that I think I am up for.

The trick is going to be keeping my goals and aspirations balanced. If I bite off too much I will choke on it. Completing the program in the four years is definitely not feasible and if I start loading myself up to do that, I know it will only be a matter of time before I flounder. I need to keep my goals reasonable. I need to keep my stress down. I need to realise that even taking precautions and keeping things balanced I will likely crash. It’s a part of this disease of the mind.

I think I am in a better place now to start on this journey than I have been in quite some time, and I eagerly await the fall to begin this journey.


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