Writing prompt: Reunion

“Hold on, you died.”

“Yeah, well it didn’t stick.”

I could not believe my eyes. My long time friend Jason stood before.

“I was there, Jas. How are you here? I saw you go over that cliff.”

I was still stunned, my thoughts going back to that fateful day five years ago when Jason had barely gotten me clear of an avalanche. An avalanche that swept him over the cliff.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“I have a new job…”

“What does this have to do with why you are standing in front me?” I asked with exasperation, cutting him off.

“I’m immortal, Chris.”

I would have fallen backwards if I hadn’t already been sitting. “What do you mean ‘immortal?'” I asked. “And if you are, why has it taken you five years to come back and find me? What have you been doing in all this time?”

“I’ve been traveling the world. Working. Believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted me to come back sooner.” Jason said cryptically.

“And what kind of work do you do that you couldn’t come see your best friend?” I shouted at him.

“Chris, when I got hit by that avalanche I did die. Sort of. Something happened that brought me back.” Jason explained.

“What was that?” I snapped at him, tiring of the evasive answers to my questions.

“When death came to take me, ironically something happened to him and he died. When he died his powers transferred to me.” Jason answered.

“You expect me to believe that?” I said incredulously.

“Chris, the reason I’m here today is….this is hard for me. I’m here for you.”

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