I have no problem with stupid people, I just have issue when they drag me into their stupidity…

When will people bloody well learn that drinking and driving is not acceptable. Period. End of story.

I realise that people can be idiots by nature, but it annoys me no end when they drag me in to the midst of their stupidity. Just after midnight last night, Lynn and I were in bed, and I was almost asleep after an emotionally trying day, when we heard a couple of loud bangs followed by screaming metal.

After laying in bed for about a minute of going “what the f**k?,” I got up to go investigate what the noise was.

I head outside and there is an apparantly impaired individual behind the wheel of his now undriveable vehicle. I made sure he was uninjured and called 911 while I wandered down the street to check the PARKED vehicle he had hit

His vehicle was nearly 2 full house lengths from the vehicle he hit. With the damage that was done to the 2 vehicles, that is pretty amazing. How bloody fast was he going? I’m just glad no one was injured or killed. It definitely could have been worse.

I left EMS years ago. I no longer hold any of my certifications. I am still human though, and I spent a good chunk of time reacting to situations such as this, so even though that training may get dulled over time, it never goes away completely.

However, it was exactly what I didn’t need after an already physically and emotionally exhausting day. I ended up being outside talking to the fire guys about what I had heard and seen, and then gave the RCMP member who attended my info so he can get in touch with me for a proper statement.

I think the only reason I wasn’t totally triggered by these events at the time is I knew most of the responders, and my anger at being drawn into the situation was kind of over-riding the PTSD symptoms. All that being said though, witnessing the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles reflecting off the homes was less than comfortable.

However, I dealt with it. I did what I had to, and then let the scene to the first responders. The incident did highlight how much I don’t miss that particular avenue of the job.

In all honesty, I think the events of last night are hitting me more this morning than they are did last night. Here’s hoping the rest of my Easter weekend goes more smoothly!

Happy Easter everyone,


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