Today was a long fricking day.

Up and out the door by 8 a.m. to head to Calgary to meet with a W.C.B. doctor.

Today’s appointment was an independent consultation to see how I have progressed in my recovery and if there is any permanent remnants of the P.T.S.D. lingering. The interview he did with me last nearly two hours, and was intense.

I ended up going to walk around Chapters for a bit afterward, and then grabbed lunch once my stomach settled and could think again. I honestly can’t say how the appointment went. The doctor did tell me that he will forward his report to W.C.B. early next week, and I should have a copy of it within a couple weeks.

.My case manager told me that the review today won’t impact what I already have through them, but could open up some other avenues for me. I hope to hell she was telling me the truth.

What seriously compromised todays review is my comorbid diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. With the fact that the symptoms of each overlap so much it’s difficult to figure out which symptoms occur for what.

I do know that the lower my moods go the more my P.T.S.D. symptoms such as the flashbacks and intrusive thoughts flare. Would I still have the symptoms if I didn’t have the borderline? Who the hell knows.

I know that whatever the result of the interview today, it’s out of my hands. I just hope that the end result is worth the 6 hours of driving time, and the opening of old wounds.

It was definitely an intense day, and I’m glad to be home,


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