CW; political post

Well, today has been a busy day.

Saw the chiro this morning, followed by asking questions for a story outside our community polling station for a story I was working on. After that, Carol and I did a road trip to Coronation so she could do some banking, followed by lunch and picking up dog food in Alliance.

This afternoon I was did a couple miles on the treadmill, then spent a couple hours getting some work done. This evening I watched the election results roll in on Global News.

For the first time in Alberta history, we have had a 1 term government. The NDP are gone, and they took a good beating at the hands of Jason Kenney and the UCP.

I can’t say I am surprised at the outcome. With the polarization of the right and left, along with the rhetoric and nasty politics on both sides, I knew that the NDP’s days were numbered.

I need to be clear, I am not an NDP supporter, but I can’t complain about what they have done for social services in our province. On the economic side of the coin, they have made the cost of doing business in this jurisdiction so high that many companies are either closing up shop or relocating to other jurisdictions. They definitely had a mixed record.

I don’t know that Kenney will be the answer to all of Alberta’s woes, but if he manages to deliver on his promises without cutting frontline services that will have an affect on all Albertans or manage to piss off the other provinces, I will begrudgingly give him my support.

Time will tell how he works out. Regardless of which side you support, history was made in Alberta this evening.


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