My safety plan works…

It feels great to be home and working at my own computer again.

I made it home this afternoon at about 1600hrs, and was met at the door with three very happy dogs and one very indifferent cat. It was good to be home.

A couple of friends from church were kind enough to come get me from my region psychiatric hospital today, after an 8 day admission.

I’m feeling somewhat better about things than I did before the latest stay, and I am very happy that this has been one of the shortest admissions that I’ve had in years. It would be all to easy to get down on myself about this latest relapse and admission, but the fact that it was short tells me that I am continuing to improve.

One of the biggest things that they have us work on in hospital is a safety plan for how we will handle things in the community. The plan works. I can see it works.

Sometimes I need that bit of extra support, and leaning on family and friends just won’t cut it. With me at my worst, I am tough for professionals to handle, let alone family and friends. I’m not embarrassed by my recent admission, though I would definitely be a hell of a lot happier if it didn’t happen. If only.

One thing that I really appreciated during this admission is that the doctor who took over for my old psychiatrist worked off the blueprint that my old doctor left. It was a plan that worked, and he didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

He made some minor tweaks to my meds, I had the pressure that had built over the last 8 weeks bleed off, and he let me set the pace. I brushed up on some of my groupwork. I rested, and came home ready to hit the ground running.

All of this is proof positive that the plan I have spent years developing with my professional support network works. One other thing that amazed me as well. I have a long history of admissions, but not one member on the staff made me feel like I was wasting their time by being in there again. The group of staff at my regional psych hospital were a true group of professionals, and I thank them for that.

Was this my last ever admission?

I can hope, but logic dictates that it likely isn’t. However, if my admissions keep going like this one did, I can maybe see a day where it will be my last one.


2 thoughts on “My safety plan works…

  1. You sharing your battles is a great step towards winning the war. Your honesty eases fear, and your determination gives strength. Thank you a million times over for allowing the world to share your journey. You are winning!


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