“Winning is winning”

It's amazing how much sleep helps my moods. I actually slept pretty good last night, despite waking up a couple times through the night. Mood-wise, today has been mixed. I have been doing tons of journaling since I've been here this admission, including some poetry which I will upload once I get discharged. The outcome … Continue reading “Winning is winning”

Admission update: Growth while going back to basics…

My appointment with the doctor yesterday was good, if not a bit strained. He told me some things I already know, such as I need to change the channel in my mind from dying to living when I get overly stressed. His recommendation for me is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The problem is where to find … Continue reading Admission update: Growth while going back to basics…

TW:Weary in the storm.

Still feeling rough yesterday I went back in to the emerg department at our hospital. My doctor was able to find me a bed in Ponoka and am going to be in hospital for a week or two anyways. I don't want this to be a long admission, I just need to be able keep … Continue reading TW:Weary in the storm.


With my moods still being significantly depressed, I went in to our local walk-in this morning. Due to both of our regional facilities being at capacity and me being urgent but not emergent my doc spoke with a consulting psychiatrist, and has added a new medication to my mix, which is helping slow my brain … Continue reading Decompensating…

Working the plan.

The events of the last few weeks have left me weary, and it's definitely starting to catch up with me. Since Brenda passed away in early February life has been a whirlwind. I've managed to draw on a source of strength I didn't know I had in order to be there for Lynn and her … Continue reading Working the plan.

Highlight Reels

I'm feeling pretty good. It shows in my work. It shows in my moods. It shows in my energy level. I am definitely on a high point right now, and I write about in this blog. The thing is, what people see in this blog is a snapshot of my life. It chronicles my highs … Continue reading Highlight Reels

Recovery is scary

With the beautiful weather that has descended on my region, it is hard to be in a bad mood. The only real complaint I have today is that I am stuck covering the store while Lynn is away in Saskatchewan. That being said, I have still managed to get some walking in today, by walking … Continue reading Recovery is scary

Slow burn

No workout today. First one I've missed in nearly two weeks, and that's alright. My body needed a day to recover. I still managed to exceed my step goal today, though. just over 11,000 steps. It doesn't hurt matters any that I walked to church and back for todays service. It further doesn't hurt matters … Continue reading Slow burn

Feeling good.

Things lately have been good, if not busy. I had a great appointment via skype with M on Thursday, and I've been running around like crazy covering events in Castor for the paper. It's been daunting to actually dig into the writing, but it is coming slowly. Lynn is back in Saskatchewan for a few … Continue reading Feeling good.

A piece of my recovery

As I sit back in my chair soaking in the sun as it crosses the morning horizon I contemplate the journey of life I have been on. Since I left EMS in 2013 my life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. It's seen too many hospital stays during my worst, and even … Continue reading A piece of my recovery

Mind, body, and spirit.

So, my well laid plans of taking a recovery day from working out didn't happen. After church and the concert Lynn and I attended this afternoon, I needed to move. I was getting stiff and just needed to get the blood pumping. I ended up doing just over a mile and a half on the … Continue reading Mind, body, and spirit.


Perspective changes everything. History is full of different perspectives. In World War 2 Hitler's perspective that he was improving humanity with his master race. The rest of the world saw him an as asshole that needed to be stopped. Even in the political world of today perspective is wildly subjective. I've lost track of the … Continue reading Perspective

Muscle memory

The human body is an incredible machine. The complexity of it boggles the mind. It can heal. It can filter what we put into it. It can remember. I'm not just talking about cognitive memory. The fact that we can learn from the past and use it to guide our future decisions is amazing. The … Continue reading Muscle memory


After a busy evening last night, today is shaping up to be much more low key. Last night I ended up taking photos of a local service group making donations to several local charities and non-profits, then followed up by taking photos over at the towns curling rink of a bonspiel that is going on … Continue reading Rebound

Borrowed time

I think we are slowly slipping out of winter's grasp. I hope so anyways. I was reading somewhere that Alberta has not faced a cold this severe since the 1930s. I'm tired, but it feels like slowly I am putting myself back together, after the last month. I'm settling into a new routine with work … Continue reading Borrowed time

Sometimes stopping isn’t the answer…

Little Theatre is done for the year, and I am grateful to have again taken part. Despite the adversity I've dealt with during the month of February, I am grateful for the experience and for the production that this group of talented individuals managed to bring together. The hours may have been long, but seeing … Continue reading Sometimes stopping isn’t the answer…

The passing storm

Two days into March, and it's still warmer in my freezer than it is outside. Paintearth County, July 1, 2018. Kevin J Sabo photo The last month has definitely been long. With the severe weather, the sudden trip to Saskatchewan, little theatre, and the addition of the two extra dogs into our home, I can … Continue reading The passing storm