Slowly, things are getting back into a groove.

I’ve worked in the store a couple days this week and I’ve gone back to work chasing stories. Unfortunately with the time I had away, as much as I tried to stay on top of things, I am playing catch up.

The last few days have been a struggle for me, of that there is no doubt. Juggling the additional dogs, the cat still being ill, managing the store in Lynn’s absence, catching up on stories and trying to maintain the house are all putting a level of pressure on me that I haven’t had in years.

Add to all of that the fact that I am still processing the loss of my sister-in-law and it’s no wonder that I feel like I am floundering.

My friends have been a lifesaver though. Between helping keep the store open, reaching to go for coffee or an invite to supper, and even helping a bit with the house work, I’ve been keeping my head above water.

I miss Lynn and I am looking forward to her returning home next week, even it is only temporary. I know that for the next few months her being away for periods is going to be the norm as she and her mom settle her sisters affairs. It’s one of those things that I don’t have to like, but have no choice but to accept.

The trick is making time to look after myself during all of this. I love my job as a journalist, and find it very fulfilling. I love helping out in the bookstore as well, even if the till and I do not always get along. But, looking after myself also means I have to make some time for downtime. I need my sleep. I need the opportunity to veg out and play video games while I process. I need to find time to blog. Exercise. These are all things that allow to be successful, and if any one of them is out of sync, all of me is.

This challenge in front of me is the largest challenge I’ve had to fight in years, but at the moment I am at the most able to take it on.

Thanks for following along,


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