It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

We were invited to some family friends for supper this evening and Lynn and some friends took the opportunity to work on getting into Brenda’s photo file in Google. Lynn, Kim, and the friends were successful in their endeavour, and we spent the evening go through Brenda’s photos, of which there were many.

Even with all the photos there was not many additional photos of Brenda. The photos in her account were many, of her work, scenery she’s seen, and many of her dogs. The photos on her account detailed a life lived, a life of happiness and sadness.

We’re all going to miss my sister-in-law. I’m going to miss her. The photos we saw, the snapshots of her life, helped us connect with her again even though she is gone.

Seeing the photos reminded me that we touch everyone around us, and when we leave this world our legacy will be the family and friends we leave behind. Our legacy will be the memories we share with those around us.

Make memories. Be goofy. Allow yourself to feel. Push limits. Make connections with the world around you. Take pictures with those you love. You never know when you will say goodbye for the last time.


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