Rest easy

On Monday, our world ground to a stop.

I write this as we are traveling to Saskatchewan to say goodbye to my sister in-law, Lynn’s sister, Brenda.

Brenda was found deceased in her home on Monday by my mother-in-law and a friend of Brenda. We have no idea what the cause of death was, and we are still waiting on information.

I’m struggling to process my feelings about this. The abrupt end to a beautiful, young, promising life cut short too soon. Lynn and I have both been struggling keeping it together.

Lynn is gutted by the loss of her younger sister. I honestly don’t know how I feel. I don’t know if I have been able to feel about this senseless and tragic loss.

Lynn and I have both been looking after each other as we process this news. The fact that my sister was able to come down and join us in our sojourn East is appreciated, though I know she loved Brenda as a sister herself.

The coming weeks and months are going to be hard for all of us, as we adjust to a “new normal.” The sad part of that statement is that things will never be normal again.

We will grieve this loss. I will grieve this loss, and then I have to focus on looking after myself and Lynn. If I don’t look after myself, I… I can’t put Lynn through another devastating loss without the love and support of her sister and best-friend.

I know Brenda has gone to sit with God. I know she will be waiting for us when we get there ourselves. It’s little consolation.

Rest easy Brenda, know that your mom and sister are in good hands and know that we take comfort knowing you are in God’s.

We love you,


3 thoughts on “Rest easy

  1. Take care you guy’s.
    Well written Kevin.
    I hope God can help us understand why this happened.
    You both have lots of love and support.


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