Limits aren’t an option, they are a necessity.

I’m honestly not sure which is more draining; running my ass off or having some down time.

The weekend was busyish, with play practice, a hockey tournament, church, etc. This week has been pretty slow, though. My evenings are pretty much shot though. Meeting Monday night, play practise tonight, tea with a friend tomorrow night, practise Thursday night again, and Friday is my only really busy day.

I’ve managed to get some gaming in, and rest, allowing my body to heal. The cortisone has definitely started helping the injured shoulder, but some days are definitely better than others. It’s getting frustrating, and I don’t like it. The problem is, if I push it, I will set myself back, prolong the recovery time, and be even more frustrated.

I know it. I don’t like it, but I know it. The more I think about the recovery for a physical injury, the more I see parallels to psychological recovery. Eating right, fitness, and sleep can all be difficult to balance with a busy schedule. Self-care is important. Just like a physical injury needs time to heal, so does a psychological one.

If you push a psychological injury too far, you will see a setback, just like pushing a physical one. Adding in the monster known as mental illness further muddies the waters for the psychological issues someone can face. Physical recovery can have other complications attached. Diabetes is one example of another disease that can mess with injury recovery.

The point is this; no one heals the same be it psychologically or physically. Everyone has circumstances that make their situation unique. As frustrating as any sort of recovery can be, if you push too hard, things will break.

I leave you with this; anyone reading this has survived 100 per cent of what was thrown at them in the past. Life may not be as we may have envisioned it in our youth, but we have survived, and tomorrow is a new day. If setting limits and making myself allow recovery time will allow me to live a life worth living, then the frustration is worth it.


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