“The list” by Toby Keith drives home the importance of putting yourself on your to do list.

A quiet day today.

Country star Toby Keith has a song talking about life that should be required listening. “The List.”

Bounced between writing, theatre projects, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR2 continues to amaze me with the level of detail that the story has had. The only real knock I have found with this game is that a couple of the plot twists thrown at the player were totally predictable. For a game with the level of detail it has shown so far, those sins are easy to forgive. It’s definitely been a fun game to play and it makes me want to replay the original. The only other complaint I have isn’t really a slight against the developer, but more of a personal gripe. The stories and voice acting are so superb it is easy to get sucked into the world and forget to come up for air.

Otherwise today has been okay. Laying low and letting the cortisone work it’s way through the joint, the shoulder has given me less issue today than before the injection. That said, when I start moving it, such as cooking supper, it still ended up hurting like hell, with the pain tripling in under an hour. Oh well, a slight improvement is better than none, and the doc I saw yesterday in Red Deer did say that it could take 48 to 72 hours before the shot takes full effect. Here’s hoping it’s shorter…

Tomorrow is going to be more of the same, catching up on backlog, resting, and letting things heal. Lynn and I also have a date night planned, including dinner and Netflix. We’re looking at watching Solo, and maybe if we are up for a double feature, Pulp Fiction. I haven’t seen that messed up movie since I was a teenager, and Lynn is unsure if she’s ever seen it. It will be nice to have a quiet night, cuddling on the couch and connecting. It’s not something we’ve had a lot of time for recently, and it’s pretty sad that we have had to go far as to schedule it in the calendar. It’s just a sign of how busy we have both been.

But, we make time for what’s important, and Lynn is definitely important. I think I’m finally starting to figure out this entire work/life balance thing.

The country singer Toby Keith has a song that is definitely pertinent to this concept of balance. It’s called “My list.” In the song it talks about someone weighed down with life, and all the things that are on his list, and despite “I cross them off as I get them done, but when the sun has set, there is more than a few things I haven’t got to yet.”

“Go for a walk, breathe some mountain air.” are just some of things he adds to his list before finishing with “Just start living, that’s the next thing on my list.”

The message of this song is incredible and for anyone struggling, is worth a listen, because the message hits home that people need to start listing themselves as a priority. People need to make time for what’s important, and by all means, everyone is important. “Wouldn’t change the course of fate, if cutting the grass just had to wait, I’ve got more important things, like pushing my kid on a backyard swing, I won’t break my back for a million bucks that I won’t take to my grave, ” are yet more lyrics that say it all.

No one gets out of here alive. We all meet our maker in the end.

I still push my self harder than I need to, but taking the time out for self-care is not a weakness. Instead of feeling guilty that I’m not working more, that I’m not doing more around the house, I’m realising that looking after myself needs to be something that I need to add to my list.

Thanks for following along on this journey of mine.


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