Being heard in a sea of voices.

This has been a long week.

Long, but good. I got through my meetings and today was spent in the office working on stories, although I did escape for a bit, having lunch with a friend, then meeting with someone else I know over coffee to discuss some upcoming mental health related activities that the school is going to be doing in February.

I’m looking forward to being able to get out there and share my story. I think it’s a great initiative that the school is doing to increase awareness about mental health.

Mental illness and mental health issues are important issues to discuss early if there is any chance at all of ending the stigma surrounding them. The problem is saturation. The person I met for coffee told me that there is so many different “days” in school, such as pink shirt day for cancer, orange shirt day for aboriginal rights, and others that the kids are getting so overloaded with these days that the message is potentially being lost.

A quick look at the Canadian health awareness calendar, shows numerous health days and weeks throughout the year. All are important caused. Who hasn’t been touched by cancer? Who doesn’t know someone who has dealt with mental health issues, or even dealt with them themselves?

With each of the organizations pushing awareness at there allotted time, and each looking for donations to help in the research of the particular affliction, consumers facing rising prices and reduced incomes are getting overburdened with the information and constant assault requesting more and more money.

Matters are even more challenging once private business gets involved in these causes. I fully support Bell’s “Let’s Talk” day held in January to support mental health. They raise lots of money going toward mental health and the corporate sponsorship is incredible in this day and age of corporations putting profits before people. The problem with “Let’s Talk” is it is just one more assault on people given a non-stop force-feeding of information thanks to social media.

There is no easy solution to this problem of oversaturation. With all these voices crying out with their cause, people have to make a choice which causes to support because there is not enough money to go around. All these voices can do is get louder and louder to remain heard.

I appreciate the support of the readers of my blog, and am thankful everyday to have a platform to share my story. I know I am another voice among the many, but if my voice helps even one other person, the effort has been worthwhile.

I am an open book and I want to help people understand those of us that deal with mental illness. I am proud to be able to take my story to the youth in my area. I am proud to be able to start the conversation into understanding.


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