Sick kitty…

This morning started earlier than I would have liked; it definitely got off on the wrong paw….

Up and out early this morning to take Willow to see Dr. J in Forestberg. She has continued to have blood in her urine, and she hasn’t been comfortable despite the first run of anti-biotics she had over Christmas.

She was most definitely not a happy kitty when I took her into the vet’s office, and it took three to hold her down so the doc could do his assessment. I was the only casualty in the scrum, she managed to show her displeasure at the situation by chomping on my thumb. Sadly it’s not the worst she’s ever gotten me, and it likely won’t be the last time either.

All the drama was worth it though, as Dr. J managed to get enough urine to do a sample, and found that she had a pretty bad urinary tract infection. That is at least treatable, and she is now on a two week run of some higher power antibiotics, which will hopefully knock it out of her system. That is some relief, as the cat not feeling well definitely has been wearing on the mind of both Lynn and I.

Hopefully the new meds will start working quickly and the kitty will get some relief soon.

Otherwise, with the driving today and organizing I did at the church yesterday, I have been sore and grumpy so I’ve been taking it easy at home working on my site, playing Red Dead 2, and generally laying low.

Tomorrow sees me getting help from B to pack up the exterior Christmas lights and get the packing boxes back upstairs so Lynn and I can pack up the interior decorations.

Then I have Sunday through Wednesday are going to be busy next week as I get back into my routine of the usual meetings I cover for the paper.

Between the paper, the play, and my blog, I am feeling more grounded than I have in years. At times it does feel like a lot going on, but being able to back off when I need has had a major positive effect on me. I’m starting to find that even with having the option to back off, I’m exercising it less. Even when I do exercise that particular option, such as on a day like today where I am sore and grumpy, I am still managing to get stuff done.

It feels good to have stuff going on. It feels good to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning and to have a purpose. That alone has made a serious boost to my mental health, and is something for which I am grateful.

Thanks for following along.


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