Steady as she goes.

Today has been busy, but good.

This morning, we said goodbye to the company that we have had since boxing day. I love my in-laws, but with Lynn’s sister bringing her three dogs the just over a week they were here was getting a bit long. Willow, our cat agreed. Last night she showed her displeasure at the situation by peeing in the air vent in our bedroom.

Of course, she didn’t do it until nearly 11 p.m, which meant that we were up for over half an hour cleaning things up. After the dogs left and she was allowed to roam the house freely again I’m pretty sure she toured the entire house to make sure the canine interlopers were in fact gone. With the way the one dog, Skor, went after her, I can’t say I blame her.

After the mom-in-law and sister-in-law left this morning, I managed to sneak in some more Red Dead Redemption 2. The game keeps getting better and better, with more and more random side missions and background to the living world in the game. Rockstar Games really went all out with this title, and it definitely shows it.

Just before lunch I met some folks and took a few photos of one of our service groups making a rather large donation to two of our local non-profit groups.

This afternoon I opened our store, and had lunch at the coffee shop. I’m not looking forward to them closing their doors at the end of the month. I’m just hoping that their closing won’t impact our customer traffic any. I know our bookstore being beside the coffee shop was good for both businesses.

After Lynn relieved me at the store, our local theatre troupe met for play rehearsal at the community hall. Hard to believe that the curtain opens on the show in a hair over six weeks. The sound is coming along well, and set construction has started. We’ll be adding lights into the mix by the end of the month as well. This is going to be fun.

I was back at our community hall again this evening for an ag. society supper and annual general meeting. I think I have enough to work with to write a story, which will be tomorrow’s project.

So far January is setting up to be a steady but not overly busy month, and it’s just started. I’ve got several meetings to cover, a mental-health event, a board meeting which I will be starting to sit on, as well as the usual medical appointments.

So far I’d say 2019 is starting off on the right foot.

Thanks for following along.


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