The war on history.

The situation in North America would be laughable were it not so serious.  Canada and the United States each have leaders that feel that policy by Twitter is just an appropriate way to do business while refusing to answer questions from the opposition.  Everyday that goes by my Facebook feed is full of "news" stories … Continue reading The war on history.


It appears that I have managed to mess up my shoulder again.  I had been doing physio for it during the summer, and until a few days ago it had been feeling fine. Then I had to help set up scaffolding in the church so the AV guys could set up the new projector. Yesterday … Continue reading PAIN

Out of gas.

If I were a car, my "get gas now" light would definitely be on.  I'm finding myself to be in a position where I am mentally and physically drained.  Photo by Victor Freitas on The difference between this time and other times I have found myself at these particular crossroads is attitude. I'm drained. … Continue reading Out of gas.

Finding the forest in the trees.

I don't mind mornings, I just wish they'd happen later in the day. Up and out the door early this morning. Lynn has a market in Stettler she had booked long before she fractured her ankle, so I ended up driving her in, and am acting as a runner for her, as well as getting … Continue reading Finding the forest in the trees.