I’m feeling the holiday a lot more so than in previous years.

I mean that in a positive way. I’m actually wanting to listen to Christmas carols, and last night Lynn and I watched a Christmas movie that wasn’t too painful.

I’m just wishing I was able to do more to help with the decorating. With the arm and neck buggered up it has definitely been a challenge. However, with Lynn and I working together, as well as a lady from the church stopping by, it is definitely feeling like the Christmas season. The help is very much appreciated!

Today the church we attend did their Christmas in song service. All I can say is wow! What a diverse and amazingly talented group of people we have in our community.

I was helping run the sound board for the services, along with our church board chair, as well as taking photo’s for the church archive. There was so much going on in the church today that we actually had three people covering the two stations that it takes to run our weekly services.

The teamwork was key to our service coming together as well as it did today, and teamwork is also an important factor in life with mental illness.

“No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent.” John Donne, 1624, English poet and cleric.

I have been able to reach this point in my recovery because of the team that supports me. From my wife who has stood by me as I have waged a war with my mind, to my psychologist who has helped me understand myself better, to the support of our church family, you have all made an impact.

It is hard reaching out. It is hard relying on others. I know not everyone has the same supports or access to the same supports as I have been blessed with. I know that, but this illness is a bitch with help. Without it is just about impossible.

It’s even harder when you are having to fake being well at a time of year that is harder than most. Even if you don’t have access to many supports, find someone, anyone, to talk to. Call the help line. Talk to a trusted friend. Most of all, don’t give up.

Merry Christmas everyone,


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