Today was one of those days that has the potential to alter the course of my life. 

I had two separate conversations with people today that resonated with me, and they occurred within minutes of each other.

The first conversation pertains directly to my writing, and it’s impact on those around me. I was approached by someone I know today. They told me that my writing has impacted them because they had a family member attempt suicide several years ago, and this blog helps them to understand the mental illness and the darkness within. 

I feel honored that what started as a way to get my emotions out in a non-destructive manner has had the impact on people it has. It makes me feel like I made the right decision to open up about my battles, and shed light on this subject that often lives in the shadows. It makes me feel like even with this beast within I can still make a difference. 

The second conversation that happened within minutes of the first is one that I cannot go into great depth about at this time. What I can say is, I was approached today by someone I respect who spoke to me about making a difference in my community. They left me with plenty of food for thought, if nothing else. I will definitely be more open about it when able. 

Both the conversations I had today have left me thinking about a blog post I made a few weeks ago, where I was wondering what sort of legacy I would leave behind if I were to die. With what was brought forward to me today, I no longer wonder. 

I know that wherever life leads me, I have made an impact. 


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