Picking up steam, finding the right level of stress.

The major problem with taking a step back to collect myself is that the world doesn’t stop in the meantime. 

Finally being in a headspace to dig in to my backlog of stories that I have been neglecting, I have spent a large portion of today at the computer, trying to get caught up. I’m not quite there yet, but I have made one hell of a dent before I start piling things on again. 

That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump into things head first again. I’m definitely not. The stuff I am covering this week is all regular meetings that I attend. I am standing by the not taking anything new on until the new year, just to give myself a chance to rest.

Resting doesn’t mean completely shutting myself down though. It means scaling back to a reasonable and maintainable level, because if I were to completely shut down, I would likely die of boredom in a short period of time. 

I need a certain amount of stress in my life. I need to have motivation to get my ass out of bed. I need to work my mind, so I don’t get lost in the abyss of my dark thoughts. 

I just wish my body and mind would get on the same page. Mood-wise, I’m perking up. Physically, I saw my massage therapist and my doctor today, and I am going for another ultrasound on my wounded wing early in the new year. I hope it actually shows something this time. Either that or the damn thing heals up again. My massage therapist said today that the muscles in the entire joint were tighter than the first time I saw her when I injured it nearly two years ago.

I know my friend J feels terrible because I injured it again while I was moving her just over a week ago. The thing is, I pushed it, and hurt the joint again. Chances are, if that hadn’t of happened, something else would have happened to reaggravate it. At least my doctor is taking it seriously.

I’m equally glad that the good doctor let me hijack Lynn’s doctor appointment. Lynn had the appointment to find out about the X-rays I took her for on Friday. Lynn is now crutchless and bootless. The bone has healed to the point where she is weight-bearing again, which is awesome news. 


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