Entering the storm.

This morning I woke up not knowing what hit me. 

Where I went to bed last night feeling relatively upbeat after struggling for the last few days prior, this morning I woke up to a shroud of darkness that has settled over me. 

I am drained. My energy level is next to non-existent, as is my motivation. 

I saw my doctor today for a routine follow-up. She said I need to step back and give myself some recovery time. Unfortunately, going into the holiday season, that’s going to be easier said than done. 

I have several special events and meetings that I am supposed to cover in the coming weeks. I will cover what I can, but at this point in time, I am definitely not taking any more on, at least until the new year. 

I can get down on myself for struggling easily enough. 

I can also chose to accept things for what they are, and proceed accordingly. 

I know I struggle this time of year. I know I deal with significant mental health issues that can flare significantly at times. There is no cure for the issues I struggle with. All I can do is be gentle with myself, deal with the issues as they come up. 


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