Despite the lies my illness tell me, I know I’ve left my mark.

Today has been long, and busy.

I spent the day at the church today, while Lynn was working in the office there. We had a team from Parkland Audio/Video in Red Deer come out today to install a new projector for our Sanctuary, and help me troubleshoot some gremlins I was having in the soundboard. 

The team that came out was professional, courteous, and worth every penny that the church spent to have them come out. The projector in the Sanctuary looks amazing, and the audio in the church hasn’t sounded as good as it does now in the years I’ve been attending it. 

It was awesome to see nearly a year worth of work and planning come together to get the project done. 

It made for a long day, but I am content tonight knowing that I helped improve the church for the future. 

A few days ago, I was questioning what my legacy is going to be if I die. 

Tonight, that thought isn’t anywhere near pronounced. I know I live in a small town, but I am finding ways to make my mark in this world around me. 

I shine a light on an important subject that is mainly discussed in whispers in my advocacy in Mental Health. I cover tons of events for my local paper, and a neighbouring one. I’m helping push my church into tomorrow. 

My role in this life isn’t flashy. I have my doubts I’ll ever be famous. I doubt I’ll publish the next Great Canadian Novel. 

The thing is, I don’t need any of that crap. I write for the love of it. I’m a good husband, despite what my illness at times tells me. I’m an anchor in my community. I fight everyday to deal with my mental health issues. 

I don’t know when the Reaper is going to come for me, but I know that I will have left my mark. If the illness one day claims me, I know I won’t be going down without a fight.


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