It's always the same.  The tightness in the chest and throat.  The increased breath rate. The hyper-vigilance. The racing thoughts.  The memories of those lost following me around like a weight.  I try to escape the thoughts that grip me. The thoughts that threaten to strangle me.  The thoughts that weigh me down. Failures and … Continue reading Demons

Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes of Grindelwald. (No spoilers)

I went in to Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindewald with mixed expectations. It's not that I was expecting it to be a bad show, but after how well done the first one was I wasn't sure how a sequel would do.  In a word: WOW.  From the opening sequence to the end credits, the … Continue reading Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes of Grindelwald. (No spoilers)

What is my legacy?

Photo by Mike on "Time and tide wait for no man."-Unknown. I'm feeling my age. I'm pushing 40. Lynn is already there. We are both definitely into middle-age, and I think we have both been wondering what we have to show for our life. I know I have. I haven't been able to give … Continue reading What is my legacy?