Movie Review (No Spoilers): Bohemian Rhapsody

Lynn and I had our first date night in quite awhile last night.

We took a run in to Stettler, dropped some bookshelves off at the Stettler mall in preparation for the Christmas event that she is partaking in this Friday and Saturday.  After, we went for supper at one of the local restaurants, then went to the theatre to go see the new Freddy Mercury bio-pic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Although not normally my type of move, I did enjoy it. It had solid acting, and a story that for the most part kept me interested. I say for the most part because the middle act of the movie did just about lose me, and I could feel myself checking out.

However, I slogged through it, and the ending of the movie managed to draw me back in. 

I’ve read reviews that bash the film quite heavily. I guess the movie critics have to justify their ridiculous salaries somehow.

One complaint about the film I did find interesting is it allegedly took some creative liberties with the source material. I don’t know enough about Freddy’s life to be able to comment, but in my opinion the movie is very tastefully done. 

If someone is interested in a movie outside their normal genre I would whole heartedly recommend the film. 

I know Lynn and I both enjoyed the evening out, and I’m calling it a successful date night.



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