Share your story; a guest blog by my long-time friend Charlotte.


Tell your story

Whatever you bring to this life, share your story. It really is therapeutic. I don’t care how you do it. Kevin blogs. Some people paint or quilt or dance. And some sit around talking with friends. And it works. On some level, we all feel better.

I created a digital story, just a small piece of my story. (hyperlink to:

Your life is your story just as my life is mine. My story is what makes me, me. There are so many snippets to my story but they don’t explain me. I am not defined as a dancer or a firefighter. I am more than my career or the oh, so many jobs I’ve had through the years. I am not just a parent or an axe thrower or a widow. These things do not define me; they inform who I am.

I am not my diagnosis or my fears or my pain. And neither are you. It’s just a piece of my story.

Go tell your story. It will do you good.

C. Rinkel

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