The long road behind me.


Talking to people in the city, some of them think that small towns are too quiet.

I can personally attest to the fact that that particular assessment is incorrect, at least for the town I call home.

Since I was discharged from hospital in the beginning of September, I have been busy. Today alone, we had events, events, and more events that I was covering for the paper.

The day started with a school alumni volleyball tournament, followed by the bi-annual town rummage sale. This evening the local fire department hosted their annual haunted house, raising over $700 in the process for the local foodbank. After the haunted house, there was a family dance held at the community hall which had great attendance as well. Lynn and I are heading out to karaoke to cap off the evening at our local bar.

Through this all, I’ve been dealing with people, and though I have struggled at times, I’ve taken a break when I’ve needed, and I have made it through. I’m tired and over-stimulated, but I’m feeling good.

All of this just tells me just how far I have come in my recovery.

I didn’t get to this point over-night. I know how overwhelming life can be, and how progress in recovery seems to stall.

Looking at my progress from yesterday, there doesn’t seem to be any. Looking at my progress over the last 8 weeks, since I got my sleep and meds figured out, there has definitely been some progress. Taking a look at the last couple of years is mind boggling. I have definitely come a long way.

Viewing progress as a marathon and not a sprint has definitely helped my perspective.

Yes, challenges occur, such as my interaction yesterday. Some days are definitely better than others. Nobody has a perfect day everyday. Even those who are at the top of their field have bad days. They happen.

They happen, and due to the mental health challenges, they do affect me more than most. My bad days are bad. My good days are good, and the gap in-between is significantly wider than most people have to deal with.

With meds and proper sleep I am getting things figured out.

No, life isn’t always easy. One’s ability to cope depends on the day.

For the moment I’m coping better and optimistic for the future. I know storms in life happen, but I am ready to face them.



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