Keeping active

The last few days have been eventful.

Between the Saskatchewan trip, followed with my short Calgary jaunt, and event coverage in between, I’ve been busy.

It hasn’t been the type of busy that has been overwhelming though. The highway time has been long, for sure, but the events I have been covering and writing about have been a bit of time here, a bit of time there, and I have been falling into a rhythm with them.

I’m busy enough that I’m not getting bored, but not so much as I’m getting over-stressed. I’m finding the time I need to unwind, play video-games, and read. I know I’m nowhere approaching fulltime work, and at the moment, I think taking on any more actually would overwhelm me.

I need the activity to keep my mind active and to give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I know though, that I can’t push things. I need my rest. I need my downtime or things start breaking.

Self-care and knowing limits are important aspects of mental health recovery. Knowing the warning signs of when you are starting to slide are paramount. As I’ve said before, striking the balance between pushing the limits enough to encourage growth but not go over the edge is a challenge.

Significant mental illness can and likely is a lifelong issue. Medications and skills can help mitigate the symptoms, and a mental illness diagnosis is not a death sentence. It takes work, yes, but even with the diagnosis, I am finding I can still lead a fulfilling life, if not one I had envisioned as a child

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