EMS is an amazing career, but I regret not having a plan B.

I can’t believe that we are three-quarters through 2018 already.

This year has flown by so far. I have found a new passion in my writing. I’ve started a new job as a freelance writer and photographer, learning many new skills in the process.

I can honestly say that I love what I’m doing. If someone had told me I would be doing what I am doing twenty years ago, I would have laughed in their in face, as it wasn’t what I had planned.

Twenty years ago, I was hellbent on leaving high school and entering EMS. I was fortunate to have been able to accomplish that goal, even if I did end up leaving sooner than I had planned. I had planned to retire from EMS, a lofty if  unrealistic goal.

Very few manage to spend their careers working on ambulance. The reality is, an EMT or Paramedic only works for about five-years before burnout sets in due to the trauma seen on the job, and/or the physical toll it takes on the body.

That’s not to say that people don’t last. If they get the treatment and a good way to deal with the cumulative stress, some do last. I have known people who have lasted twenty-plus years, though they are definitely in the minority.

When I left EMS over five years ago, it hurt. It hurt because I had so much of my identity tied up in that job. It hurt because it was something I was passionate about. The fact that the job was not healthy for me was irrelevant.

I lost a big chunk of my identity when I stopped working on ambulance. What hurt even more is I didn’t have a plan B. I had spent so much of my time getting to that goal, I lost out on many other opportunities.

The only regrets I have about my time in EMS are that I didn’t spend time developing skills for my post-EMS career.

All of that is in the past, though.

I’m on a new course in life. While the journey has more than it’s fair share of struggles, I have been able to rise to the task of battling through them, even if some extra help is needed.

Thanks for being a part of the journey,







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