A thank you to friends and family…

  I am blown away. Thanks to Lynn's share of my last blog explaining her klutziness and attempted chair based slow-motion acrobatics October has turned into a record month for my blog. I hate to capitalize on her misfortune, but I appreciate all the views none-the-less.  The blogging (and writing in general), has definitely helped … Continue reading A thank you to friends and family…

How to make my blood run cold….

  Nothing will make one's blood run cold faster than receiving a text from your wife telling you that she has had an accident and is waiting for the ambulance. Being over ninety minutes away didn't help matters any. While working at our bookstore today, she reached back in her chair, and the wheels kicked … Continue reading How to make my blood run cold….

Hitting a wall…

I'm tired. The late night on the weekend on top of  how busy I've been is taking it's toll on me. I'm dragging my ass. I'm having a hard time getting out of bed. I'm grumpy. It seems like even on my "days off" I'm still catching up on things that I haven't had a … Continue reading Hitting a wall…

The long road behind me.

  Talking to people in the city, some of them think that small towns are too quiet. I can personally attest to the fact that that particular assessment is incorrect, at least for the town I call home. Since I was discharged from hospital in the beginning of September, I have been busy. Today alone, … Continue reading The long road behind me.

A hand-up vs a hand-out.

So, some days are definitely better than others. Today has been interesting. I was called condescending, after trying to understand someone's position. It bothered me. It was also said I should "lose" the persons number. That also bothered me. I try to support whoever I can. If I ask questions, it's because I am trying … Continue reading A hand-up vs a hand-out.

Taking the win.

Tonight I had the privilege of taking photos at the local Board of Trade awards gal in a neighbouring community. It was an awesome experience, even if I did get dressed up way more than normal. Literally the only thing that would have helped improve the evening would have been if someone turned up the … Continue reading Taking the win.

Questions about my path forward.

Today, thanks to my work, I had the opportunity to cover a Q&A at a local school that the kids had with some local authors. It was a great experience, but it did have me wondering about my path forward. I love what I'm doing for the paper. It gets me out, and keeps my … Continue reading Questions about my path forward.