New Normal after a visit from the reaper.

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Lynn and I got some unfortunate news this morning.

We were notified that a family who had a severe heart attack last weekend and was in a medically induced coma succumbed to the damage. We’re still not sure when the funeral is going to be, but we would like to go if we can.

While we are still in shock over this news, we have been praying regularly for the close family, and our heart aches that the family has to lay yet another member to eternal rest.

We don’t know when we will meet the reaper, but he is going to come, and this highlights the need to love your family today, because in a second they can be gone, and your life changed permanently.

Grief has many different forms, and there is no “right” way to grieve the loss of a loved one.Β  Grief is a process that must go through it’s stages, and the dirty little secret of grief is, there is no going back to normal. How can you when a piece of your heart is missing?

It may take days for some people to process their grief. Some may take weeks or months, or longer. If it does, that is alright, that is how you are processing. It will get better, but something will happen that makes you remember your loss, something will make you tear up. You will feel the loss all over again. Maybe for less time, maybe not.

You will adapt to a “new normal.”

The pain will ease.

The important thing is to keep living, and keep fighting.

Reach out for help if you need to. There is no shame in it. Fighting for yourself is not a disrespect to the ones you miss. It’s a disrespect to them not to.

Know that the loved ones are with us always, as long as their memory remains.


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