Goodbye to the beast.


Today is definitely one of mixed emotion for me.

Today is the day I exit the mustang life, at least temporarily. If given the opportunity, I would definitely jump on getting another one, but at the moment I have no plans to replace the beast.

The reason my emotions are so mixed is because I have learned a lot with this vehicle. From repairs to body work, I have learned skills to take forward through life that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to learn.

This beast has also cost money which hasn’t been readily available, doing all the minor bits and pieces of keeping a vehicle like this in top shape. I think it’s been money well spent.

Somewhere along the way things have taken a dark turn though. As my mental health has ebbed and flowed over the last couple years more and more of the suicidal ideation has gone back to using that vehicle to bring about my demise. I don’t know why that shift has happened. However, if it’s a trend I can break by selling the car, it’s something that I will do for my own sense of mental health.

I will miss the two summers I’ve had driving it and I wish all the best to the new owner. I hope it gives you many years of good use.





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