We can do better.

October 1st marks the first day of Mental Illness Awareness Week in Canada. It is great that as a society we are acknowledging something that has been buried for so many years. With the Canadian Mental Health Association quoting that one in five Canadians deal with mental illness, it is not a small problem that … Continue reading We can do better.

Depression and self-defeat.

Last night I had the privilege of taking photos of our local high school football game under the lights. It was a game where everything was working for them, and they had the game at 45-0 by half time. In the second half, you could tell that the visitors were demoralized, and they played that … Continue reading Depression and self-defeat.

A thought on thoughts

I'm feeling better than I have in quite some time. I'm feeling more rested, and much more at ease with my place in life. That's not to say I don't have my bad days. Suicidal thoughts still cross my mind a few times a week, but at the moment they are nothing that I can't … Continue reading A thought on thoughts

New Normal after a visit from the reaper.

Lynn and I got some unfortunate news this morning. We were notified that a family who had a severe heart attack last weekend and was in a medically induced coma succumbed to the damage. We're still not sure when the funeral is going to be, but we would like to go if we can. While … Continue reading New Normal after a visit from the reaper.

My story isn’t over yet.

The semi-colon is grammatical device that can allow an author to continue with a sentence, instead of ending it. The semi-colon has also been used over the last several years in the mental health community as well. Many people who struggle with mental illness and suicidal thoughts and actions have chosen to have the punctuation … Continue reading My story isn’t over yet.


The last two days have been eventful, and today's not over yet. The thing is, at the moment I can handle it. I know I can handle it, especially since tomorrow I have very little going on, and have been working on keeping it that way. I know I cannot maintain the momentum I have … Continue reading Adaptation

How much is too much?

How much is too much? This is a question I ask myself frequently, and one I have been mulling over today. I have been reviewing my calendar since I got discharged, and what I have upcoming for the remainder of the month. Since I was discharged from hospital earlier this month, I most definitely have … Continue reading How much is too much?